Below please find some answers to common questions:

1. What is your staff to child ratio?

Ofsted requirements are as follows - In the 0-2 room 1 staff to 3 children in the 2-3 ½ year room 1 staff to 4 children and in the pre-school room 1 staff to 8 children. However because of the way we work we always have extra staff on the premises so that we keep these ratios even over staff lunches and breaks. At other times of the day we have the opportunity to complete observations and planning requirements. We don’t use cover staff except over the summer period to ensure a consistency of care for the children.
2. What type of food do you serve if a child is weaning?

We work closely with the parents building up a child’s taste and quantity of food over a regulated period of time. Any baby food given we make from pureed fresh ingredients unless otherwise specified by the parent.
3. Opening hours and holidays

We open Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm. We close on bank holidays and for a week at Christmas.
4. Do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask for a £50 refundable deposit to secure a nursery place.
5. Availability - How soon do I need to book my place?

Whenever someone looks around the nursery we keep their name on file and the required days however we have only limited places available and due to recommendation we do fill the places quickly.
6. Do the children go out during the day?

Yes, as long as we have parents permission we go out on regular trips to the park, duck pond, shops etc. depending on the topic the children are learning about that month. We are outside in the garden as much as we possibly can be ensuring that children are suitably attired for dry or rainy weather.
7. Do children have the ability to visit museums etc?

Yes, we have visits to Pontefract museum, York train museum, sandal castle, Knottingley recycling plant, the National Coal Mining Museum,Clark Educational Museum, Eureka, Wakefield Art Gallery to name but a few.

Thank you for helping to prepare Emily for school, you've done a great job!

- James and Gosia