Children are involved in the cooking process by helping prepare their food. They also grow their own fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Children are provided with healthy meals covering a wide range and variety of dishes which include a good balance of rice, pulses, fish, lean meat, poultry and vegetables. We encourage children to make healthy choices and help Bev our nursery cook select herbs and vegetables from the garden to cook.

Our nursery cook is made aware of any cultural or allergy related requirements for individual children and this is taken into account when planning the weekly menus.

Babies who are being weaned have fresh purees that our cook makes from scratch. We always ask parents for recipe ideas so we can provide for individual tastes. Our promotion of healthy eating recently won us the five a day award from the environmental health department. 

All our produce is locally sourced and wherever possible organic. We use a local farm who delivers organic fruit and vegetables directly from the supplier. All dietary requirements or allergies are catered for and meals can be tailor made to embrace the child's needs.

Please thank Bev the Cook for making such lovely meals-wish I could get him to eat half the foods he does!

- The Hartley Family